We monitor the situation of women in technologies. We base our activities on the knowledge we gain every ear and present as themed Reports. We make them widely available in accordance with the open source philosophy. The most important are:

Kobiety na Politechnikach 2020

Kobiety w Technologiach 2020. Rewolucja przyspiesza

Women in Tech 2020. The revolution is accelerating

Five years after the study “Women’s potential for the technology industry”, Perspektywy Education Foundation together with the Citi Foundation and the Kronenberg Foundation undertook to examine the current situation of women in the tech industry in Poland. The publication was prepared on the basis of the survey results of 1000 respondents (500 technical and science students and 500 high tech professionals). The report presents a rich and detailed portrait of contemporary professionals in the tech industry and students entering this field, shows their aspirations and challenges they face, including problems related to being in the environment with male predominance (the occurrence of sexism, the issue of female solidarity, etc.). It indicates the directions of changing the tech industry itself and opening it to the needs of women, and also analyzes the willingness of women to launch startups. It also diagnoses positive changes. The “creeping revolution” associated with the wider entry of women into the world of technology and their occupying more and more prominent positions captured in the 2015 study – is currently accelerating.

Women at Technical Universities (2010-2019)

For 10 years, together with the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities (KRPUT), we have been preparing and presenting, as part of the “Girls As Engineers!” campaign, the “Women at Technical Universities” report. It contains the results of the analysis of the participation of women studying at public technical universities in Poland. It contains detailed data from each unit/faculty and from every technical university in Poland. An important part of it is an in-depth analysis of the situation of women at the IT faculties.

In 2020, this report will be prepared in cooperation with the Information Processing Center and will focus more on analysing the situation of women at individual levels of the academic career in the STEM area.

Women in IT and Tech (2019)

This report, based on our other research results and extensive desk research of external information sources, is an analysis of the situation of women in technologies in Poland in several selected sections. We focus mostly on professionals and scientists. This report was prepared for the first edition of “Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit” in 2018.

Women’s Potential for the Technology Industry (2015)

This is a wide-ranging research undertaking of the Perspektywy Education Foundation and Siemens. Its purpose was a comprehensive analysis of the conditions associated with the choice of educational path by women, their aspirations and expectations in this area, as well as the realisation of these aspirations on the labour market. On this basis, a set of Recommendations was created to support the development of women’s careers in the technology industry – from school, through studies, to the labour market. Recommendations were offered in the area of public policy, the business sector and non-governmental organizations.

2000 female high school graduates were examined, from the point of view of factors that make some of them more willing to choose technical and science faculties; 600 students in terms of planning their professional development path and their expectations from the labour market, and several companies in connection with their solutions in terms of women’s needs.