Meet the graduates of the Perspectives Women in Tech programs
and see how their professional careers have evolved!

Weronika Król, CERN

Professional Experience
I am a graduate of the 6th edition of the Girls in New Technologies program. I studied Data Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology. During my studies, I began an internship as a Data Engineer at T-Mobile and later decided to apply to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research based in Geneva. Since October 2022, I have been employed there, also as a Data Engineer. I work in a team responsible for processing and visualizing business data.

Which programs have you participated in?
I participated in both the scholarship and mentoring program Girls in New Technologies, edition 2020/2021, as well as in one of the editions of the IT for SHE program.

What did participation in these programs give you?
Participation in the NTDD Program and the IT for SHE program was an incredibly important stage in my life. Thanks to them, I not only fulfill my goals and dreams today by working at CERN, but I also experience continuous personal and professional development. People I met in the programs continue to inspire and support me. I still keep in touch with my mentor from NTDD – Mieszko Dropiński, who is a great inspiration to me. Additionally, participation in the programs strengthened my self-confidence and helped me plan my career path after my studies. I got rid of beliefs in stereotypes, got to know myself better, my expectations and needs, developing both technical and soft skills. I also became more open to new opportunities and discovered my potential, recognizing what I am good at. It was a real turning point in my life and an extraordinary adventure that set new directions for development. At CERN, we accelerate particles to speeds close to the speed of light. And I can say that participation in the programs accelerated the development of my career!

Your motto
“Fear and do, because the only constant thing is change.” This sentence, which I heard thanks to the amazing Wiola Klimczak, reflects my approach to life and taking on challenges. I believe that fear of the unknown should not paralyze us, but on the contrary – it should be a motivation to act. Changes are inevitable, so it is better to accept them and act towards them than to wait passively. This motto inspires me to continuously develop, seek new opportunities, and step out of my comfort zone.

What motivates you to act?
The feeling that my work can benefit the world and other people is a huge motivation for me. The desire to help and influence improving the quality of life of others is my main source of energy and inspiration. Therefore, for me, there is no better way to achieve these goals than by using technological development combined with the mission represented by CERN. I believe that working in such an institution gives me the opportunity not only for personal development but also for real impact on the world and people around me.

What are your prospects for the future?

Currently, I am asking myself many questions about the future. I know that I will stay at CERN for a maximum of 2.5 years because contracts here are signed for a fixed term. This is one of the main assumptions of the organization, which focuses on internal learning, and then spreading the knowledge gained in the private sector or other scientific organizations. Although I know that working in such a prestigious organization as CERN is an extraordinary achievement, I am also aware that the future may bring new challenges and opportunities. However, I do not intend to lower the bar I have set for myself. Instead, I try to continue my development and pursue my dreams and career goals.

What do you value in people?
In others, I value authenticity, ambition, and determination in pursuing goals. These are qualities that I consider crucial in building successful relationships and achieving success both in my professional and personal life. I try to surround myself with people who possess these qualities because I believe in the statement that we are the sum of the five closest people we surround ourselves with!

Person you admire
I cannot point out one specific person whom I admire because there are many of them, and each represents unique qualities and achievements. What connects all these people is authenticity, ambition, and determination, but also passion and belief in what they do. I also see kindness and empathy in them, which makes them an inspiration for me to further develop and act. By observing their successes and approach to life, I feel motivated to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.

What excites you?
Apart from the world of data, which is fascinating to me and where I can realize myself every day, people are an extraordinary source of knowledge and inspiration for me. I believe that without sharing experiences and listening to the stories of other people, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Your unforgettable experience

There are so many of them that it’s really hard to choose specific ones. The first one that comes to mind is starting a new chapter after my studies, which was working at CERN. It was a huge challenge for me, associated with moving to another country adapting to an international environment, and stepping out of my comfort zone! I feel immense satisfaction and pride that I can be part of this great community, which collectively strives to discover the mysteries of the universe. I will remember this stage with details for the rest of my life.

Book worth reading

The book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson is one of the shortest and most convincing readings I’ve had the opportunity to read. It is full of important reflections on adapting to changes, which are an integral part of life. It talks about the necessity of flexibility and openness to new situations. One of the most inspiring questions I found in it is: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T AFRAID?

Things to do in the next year

I’ll mention two that are equally important to me: getting involved in volunteering for a foundation or non-profit organization and the opportunity to speak at a conference. Both will allow me to help others in various ways.

What is tech-life balance for you?

For me, tech-life balance is the skillful and conscious use of technology in everyday life. We must realize the benefits that technology enables while also being able to control its impact on our lives. Observing the negative effects of excessive technology use among people close to me, I would very much like to increase awareness on this topic.

Advice for a younger colleague in STEM

Each of us is born with unique and extraordinary potential, so discover it, believe in its value, and find a place where you want to use it.