Face to face with a quantum computer

Is there anything more beautiful for a woman in love with new technologies than an impressive quantum computer?

Dr. Bianka Siwińska, CEO of Perspektywy Women in Tech, had the pleasure of meeting this miracle face-to-face at the Finnish headquarters of IQM, the only startup in Europe that builds new-generation quantum computers. Read her report and remember that this year’s Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2024 will be focused on quantum computers!

“They are beautiful! I finally managed to see them with my own eyes. To touch, to hear, and even… to smell. Quantum computers – various models – from 5 qubits to 150 qubits – all in superconducting technology. Aiming for Quantum advantage (the moment when quantum computing becomes profitable), they are being built by the only such startup in Europe – Finnish @IQM Quantum Computers.

There, 300 scientists – physicists, computer scientists, and engineers from the best centers in the world – are working on the quantum breakthrough. Importantly, they are not only building quantum computers but also working on their integration with HPC – supercomputers. Such a combo, augmented with AI capabilities, may soon (though not yet) seriously fix our world and ensure longevity If only we can deal with the shortage of people with appropriate, new competencies.

Quantum Computing is a field particularly attractive for women. In its current incarnation, it is new and being created from scratch – so anyone can co-create it without having to fit into traditional structures and ways of thinking, acquiring competencies and developing. In such areas, women find it best to work because they do not have to break through a rigid, often patriarchal, organizational culture.

And I have this funny thought that the novelty and freshness of quantum computers are best shown in their amazing, previously unknown construction. Only with such a design can quantum processes occur in them, and only in this way can the system be cooled almost to absolute zero. These are necessary conditions.

Nevertheless, this appearance makes us associate quantum computers with large, impressive chandeliers, or jewelry. I don’t want to speak for other women, but this aesthetic appeals to me.
I would wear earrings – quantum computers, creating cryptographic algorithms “